BS Tweaker & BlueStacks Full Guide : December 2016 – Unlimited Loot

By | November 30, 2016
BlueStacks and BS Tweaker Guide : BlueStacks is android emulator. BlueStacks Allow to to Use Android System on your PC / Laptop. With BlueStacks You can can enjoy your Smartphone in your PC for Playing Games, Use WhatsApp, Use Free Recharge earning app, The main purpose of this Post is Unlimited Loot, With the help of BlueStacks you can easily Change your Android id, Google Advertising Id etc and Use Unlimited tricks. So, here we go…. Follow

Benefit of Using BlueStacks ::-

  • 100% Damage free
  • Change id easily
  • Easily Use Free Recharge Unlimited tricks

– BS Tweaker & BlueStacks Ultimate Guide December 2016 – 

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Bluestacks is best accompanied by Bluestacks Tweaker. You can do Everything with Bluestacks with the help of Bluestacks Tweaker what Xprivacy or Same App does. This is a full and complete guide to use BS Tweaker or bluestacks tweaker. You can use Blestacks tweaker for Unlimited Loot Purpose of different Apps. You can get Free Recharge from this BS Tweaker or Bluestack Tweaker Trick. 

Firstly Download Two PC App On Your PC

Now Open BS Tweaker App On Your PC

Follow the Image

1.(Click One)– Get ID-
2.(Click Two)– Change – After Click On ‘Change’ Clcik On Random & Click On Ok

3.(Click Three)-Click On Change to Change Your Google Advertise ID

4.(Click Four)-Click On Manual 

5.(Click Five)– Click On Full Stop to Stop Your BS
6.(Click Six)-Mark on Blank
  • Now Click On DATA 8 “OK”
  • After That Clear SD Card 8 “OK”

7.Thats All You Can Completely Change your ID’s Now Click On Start BS

8. After Open BS Install Your App & earn Money

Repeat The Step Every Time to Earn more